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Poland: UODO issues statement on e-prescription's access code and implementation

The Polish data protection authority ('UODO') released, on 10 February 2020, a statement ('the Statement') on whether a person issuing an e-prescription can provide the patient with a four-digit access code over the phone, where the printout form is lost. In particular, the UODO clarified that a four-digit code can only be provided by the doctor who had initially issued the e-prescription for the patient, after the patient has correctly been authenticated. Furthermore, the Statement highlights that, in the case of providing healthcare services under telemedicine, it is important to correctly identify the patient, as incorrect identification may lead to disclosure of information to an unauthorised person.

In addition, the Statement notes that pharmacists carrying out the e-prescription should take into account the principles of personal data processing including, among other things, the principle of data minimisation and remember that in this regard it is not necessary to show or scan the patient's identity card. Lastly, the Statement emphasises that pharmacies cannot store information printouts provided by patients.

You can read the Statement, only available in Polish, here.